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Crowe – Crowe 2.0


Sometimes there is music created out of a love for music itself and pays homage to its history. Crowe’s second album, Crowe 2.0 is a set of tunes that stands as a testimony to all that is soul-warming about classic rock and roll, with some blues bite thrown in to the mix.

Album opener ‘Afterglow’ starts things off with such a warm tone you could believe you were in a smoky basement at a tiny garage band gig. It’s intimate sounding, delicate in all the right places and yet crunchy enough to be engaging. With its sleepy “do-do-do” refrain, you’ll be humming it for days to come.

‘Unchanged’ comes off like a bluesy Ryan Adams with the most delightful ever-so-slightly-burned guitar intro, and bringing in yearning vocal harmonies on the chorus. With lyrics like “I got so much soul to give to you”, its a song with plenty of humanity about it which contrasts with the amount of overproduced-to-an-inch-of-its-life music we tend to be surrounded by these days.

There’s a sleepiness that underlies the tracks on the album, and it’s particularly apparent on ‘Swallow A Gun’ with its long, long reverb as if it was recorded at the bottom of a well. Despite the effect on the instrumentation, the vocals cut through clearly and add a glue to the music that keeps it from being muddy or washed out.

‘Something Better’ is a fuzzed-out number with a screeching guitar bart that lingers in the background like R.E.M.’s ‘Country Feedback’, while ‘Liquid’ is more trebly in tone with a strong groove that will grab the listener’s attention with its post-grunge stylings.

Moving into more psychedelic territory, ‘Memory’ is all phasers and phuzz. There’s a simplicity to the songwriting, its a simple enough ballad when you strip away all the effects which would work equally well as an unplugged acoustic track.

Crowe 2.0’s penultimate track ‘Earthquaker’ keeps a hold of the psychedelic edge on its opening, before quickly shifting into a no-nonsense rocker leading into the concluding ‘Unbreakable’ – an all-out rock number which has a touch of The Presidents Of The United States Of America, making it a fun upbeat end to an enjoyable record.

For some no-nonsense rock with the sensibilities of a purist, check out Crowe 2.0 by Crowe.

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