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Cybernet 1202 – Intruder EP

Cybernet 1202 is a collaboration between Steve Netting (aka Coherer) and Sean Higgins (aka Cybereign). The UK based artists have joined forces to create a spiky slice of electronica that will pulse and pump through your body and brain.

a3786776630_10‘Abduction’ kicks off the EP with a tantalising mixture of snappy snares, swirling synths, and robotic voices that all combine to create a sonic landscape that is wide and diverse, drawing you in irresistibly into its own unique world. Add to that the spoken samples – which nod oh so slightly towards Public Service Broadcasting – and you’ve got some entrancing electronica from the off. ‘Intruder’ keeps things going in the same style, with more vocoder vocals that add a sense of humour to things, while the continued addition of samples create an otherworldly feel that is deliciously retro in its sci-fi references. ‘Science’ has a more distant, fizzy tone to it, with a fluttering synth arpeggio which dances atop the main beat, before the classic dubby WUB WUB WUB enters the scene, adding a healthy does of bass to the proceedings before finally exploding into a distorted display of electronic madness. There are darker tones found here too, particularly on ‘Sighting’, which gradually unfolds out of its gritty beat with flashes and swirls of sonic sci-fi which are topped off with a beautifully retro synth that adds a hint of the eighties into this curious glimpse of the future.

Listen to Cybernet 1202 on Bandcamp here

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