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Daniell Nelson – Tomorrow

daniellnelson2Daniell Nelson is back with his latest track, ‘Tomorrow’. It’s a dark, brooding piece of hip-hop, with a bouncy bass part that adds to the dark tone that runs through the track to create its own unique heartbeat. Heartbeat here being the operative word, because the song does indeed feel very much like a whole body made up of organs, flesh and blood. There’s an earthiness to ‘Tomorrow’ that ends up feeling so very visceral, and adds to the sense of humanity that holds it all together. This all works for the good of the song, as it is filled with that ongoing issue for every human heart – the hope for a better tomorrow, the constant longing that the next day will be a good one.

Nelson’s vocal is an intriguing blend of hopefulness and yearning, with less of the bravado and posturing that is so often found within the genre. Instead, there is the sense of being self assured, confident in his delivery, and by the time the track has begun to reach its conclusion, Nelson’s flow suddenly picks up pace and becomes a little more exhilarating.

On the one hand, ‘Tomorrow’ is laid back, cool, calm, and collected – and yet what lies beneath the surface is a curious sense of foreboding. All it all this is what makes the track galvanise into a moment of tension infused with hope.

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