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Daphne Willis – Freaks Like Me

Daphne WillisDaphne Willis has returned with her latest, Freaks Like Me. Hailing from Chigago and now operating out of Nashville, Willis’ own unique sound takes a classic R&B shape and remoulds it for her own purposes. Opening with title track ‘Freaks Like Me’, there is a laid back, woozy feel which also carries with it the suggestion that despite the apparently relaxed attitude, there is a whole lot bundled up in there. As someone who has spent some time battling her own personal demons, Daphne Willis happily presents her music into the public arena as a way of communicating not only her own journey of self discovery, but also to offer others the truth that there is always hope for all, no matter what they might be battling with. ‘Dopamine’ features some smoky and sultry tones, here with an up to the minute modern twist, channelling aspects of Sia’s vocal tone, and with a startlingly catchy melody to boot. Willis consistently succeeds to capture a real depth of emotion while restraining herself at the same time, never throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the listener to get her point across. ‘Somebody’s Someone’ is certainly the tearjerker on the record, with its emotional piano and lyrics that draw out the reality that everyone means something to someone. All the same, there are some real pop banger here too – ‘Lose Control’ offers a four to the floor beat that leads into one of the catchiest pop tracks you will have heard so far this year. Closing track ‘The Letter’ acts as the perfect conclusion to Freaks Like Me, a heartrending ballad packed with warm acoustic tones and a wistful thoughtfulness that sums up the overall feeling than runs through the album – warmth, attentiveness, and creativity.

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