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Darcy Jeavons – If You Were Mine


With a country vibe and a lot of attitude, Darcy Jeavons delivers a strong vocal and plenty of melody to get lost in.

The magic of the track is found in the layers of production; chiming on the left, bass softly underpinning the wavering guitars that wander in on the right. Jeavons’ voice is a mysterious combination of smooth and brittle, working perfectly with the musical style she has developed. A synthy panpipe appears on the second half of the track, adding a dense of depth and air as it makes way for additional synth swells, which the acoustic guitar continues throughout to keep the rhythm going.

Hopeful, romantic lyrics run throughout the track “Forever I believe in you and all you try / I’ll make you smile / I’ll lift your soul / When life will test your pride.”

An uplifting, hopeful song of romance for the spring season.

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