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Dario Black – Fire Of Love

Who doesn’t like pop? Well, many people I suppose. But they’re wrong.

542200bbef283e1639734e76_originalPop music, when done right, is uplifting and energetic. It reaches people in ways that no other genre of music is capable of, bringing joy and happiness into a whole range of situations. Admittedly there is that strain of pop that is purely made to be chart filler, to sell records, to pad out the X Factor background music, but what we have here is evidence of when creativity is given free reign.

Dario Black’s first single ‘Fire Of Love’ (to be released on 5th February 2015) opens with some very basic stabs that give very little away of what to expect, and once the vocal steps into place, things begin to become clear. There’s a strong Euro pop feel to the track, with its house beat and rave organ honks that flutter in the background, all pulling back regularly to let Black’s vocal ring out for itself. There’s even a dubstep style breakdown and makes for an exciting segue in the track. Eventually as things draw to a lose we’re treated to some snappy guitar twangs that very cleverly leave the listener hanging on for a little bit more, which is the sure sign of a well crafted sub three minute pop song.

‘Fire Of Love’ is to be released on 5th February 2015

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