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Darker Still – Darker Still EP

Darker Still have arrived at your front door determined to deliver you their new self titled EP. Do you open the door?

darker-still4Don’t worry, it won’t make any difference, because the chances are they will knock down your door anyway and demand to listen immediately. At least, that’s the sense that comes across on opening track ‘Never Too Late’, which explodes with blustering confidence held together with a tone that walks the rock line with zeal. First impressions may suggest some influences from Queens Of The Stone Age, certainly there’s a bluesy southern rock tone to be found, and as the EP progresses the band’s sound really unfurls and comes into its own – the soaring notes of ‘Could It Be’ reach to the skies with a deep yearning, while ‘I Had It All’ is a balls-to-the-wall screecher that any hard rock purist will eat up unquestioningly. There are moments of flourish and colour to be found as well – ‘Time To Shine’ features some snappy funky guitars, while ‘Sunlight Smile’ is a real moment of acoustic beauty that shows off the band’s ability to write and arrange a truly sensitive ballad. Naturally, as the EP draws to an end, we are led to the concluding track ‘Suicidal Journey’, which brings us once again to Darker Still’s standard style of all out blistering rock and roll.

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