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Dead Air Republic – …With Extreme Prejudice

From the opening bars, Dead Air Republic’s sound is in your face, splintering and bold, with a rich Southern rock undercurrent.

1498772_1291151434233987_2115509926478820414_o‘Just Another Bullet’ certainly has shades of Creed/Alter Bridge, with vocals that lean towards Myles Kennedy’s own stylings. It’s a track that has many layers to it, with plenty to discover on repeat listens.

Dead Air Republic’s sound is brutal and unrelenting, with touches of fragility to be found on closer inspection – ‘Example 1’ harnesses a powerful modern metal sound that at times feels as though the wheels might come flying off to send us all hurtling into rock explosion.

‘The Waves’ toys with some more alternative sounds, while lacing it with classic metal guitar wails that feel ever so slightly retro. It’s a more restrained track, which offers some real heart and soul.

‘Good At Never’ dials the heaviness back in again, sparky and biting with a beat that yanks the listener along with utter disregard for their ability to keep up. It’s a classic example of “Go hard or go home.”

Consistency is key throughout the songs here, confident and powerful while all the time holding on to a clear aesthetic that the band has clearly spent time and care to hone to perfection. ‘Buzzkill’ stands out as a good example of a track that offers a no nonsense introduction to the band’s sound, while closing track ‘Enough Of This Mess’ sets about being an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ song that brings things to a natural conclusion.

Fans of dirty rock and metalheads alike will be sure to find something to enjoy here, so make a point of checking out …With Extreme Prejudice.

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