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Dead Things Don’t Bleed – Hungry Ghosts

Kicking off with ‘Body Bag II’, Dead Things Don’t Bleed get things going with a bucketload of cool country influenced indie rock.

Dead Things Don't Bleed - Hungry GhostsThe band’s sound is attractive and well rounded, with broad and clattering tones on ‘It’s Around’ that package up a thundering bassline with joyous keys that lift the track into a smile inducing place of joy. ‘Not The One’ keeps its eyes set straight ahead with its no nonsense approach, and throws in some nice unexpected notes into the chorus for good measure, while ‘Pepper Spray’ draws on a little inspiration from Kings Of Leon with its fuzzed out bass and moody vocals. As the album arrives at ‘Question’, things become somewhat more introspective and restrained, a beautiful mid point on the album that has touches of early nineties R.E.M. Continuing on to ‘Idle Hands’, Hungry Ghosts certainly feels as if it has turned a corner, or shifted into a different gear, with a more emphasis on eerie, delay slathered vocals that are as hypnotic as they are satisfying, while ‘Puppies and kitties’ exposed into some guitar work of truly epic metal proportions, with a strong lean towards classic Metallica. From here, there’s little sign of the heaviness relenting, as ‘Master Blaster’ keeps going in the same brutal direction, before eventually pulling things right back again, with the wistful americana of ‘Stuck’. Drawing to a close with the the delicate tones of ‘The Liar’, Hungry Ghosts reaches the end of its journey, having navigated the peaks and troughs along the way and successfully achieved the task it set out to do.

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