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Debbie Wilson – When the Grass grows Over Me


The George Jones classic, ‘When The Grass Grows Over Me’ has been covered by award winning country singer Debbie Wilson.

As a piece of standard country fare, all the elements are in place; melancholic lap steel, sassy female vocals, and deep bass tones. In places, it’s a sad, sad song, just like any country song worth its salt, and yet it manages to add speckles of glory, wonder, and hope. Wilson’s voice blends yearning with confidence, and the instrumentation carries the track along with a sense of power.

The lap steel is a key feature of the song, and that’s to be expected for its genre. It’s filled with personality, and transforms the track into a burgeoning slice of classic country. Debbie Wilson’s voice is sensitive and calming, while at the same time it manages to be sultry and challenging, particularly on the spoken section of the track.

A female vocalist covering a track that is otherwise known by its male performance is often stepping up to something of a challenge, but with this example Debbie Wilson has stepped up to the plate and delivered in spades, showing not only her own vocal skill but revealing and enhancing an already outstanding piece of country music.



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