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Demien Sixx – Cthulhu Beckons!

‘Cthulhu Beckons!’ is the kind of track that will be sure to get your weekend started. With its wild wails and deep waves of synthy house beats, it grabs the attention from the start and refuses to let go until the very end. By the song’s mid point, the listener is assaulted with a barrage of insistent blares which create a hypnotic effect, before leading into a psychedelic tunnel towards a higher plan of consciousness. What really causes the song to stand out from the crowd is the way in which it uses such high energy without resorting to cliches or begging for attention. Instead, the care taken in the detail allows for the listener to either be washed away on its sonic waves, or focus their ears in more closely to pay attention to the more subtle elements that are there to be discovered. A discerning ear will find all kinds of special things going on – the way the bass plays against the beat, the rave tones that come in and out of focus, and the ebb and flow of the synth underbelly that lies beneath. While house can often be divisive, as connoisseurs often split off into their own preferred factions, this stands as a glorious celebration of all that is pure and enjoyable about acid inspired electro house music.



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