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Denny Diamond – Diamond Mountain / Holly Holy

Denny Diamond’s own brand of easy listening, bluesy folk is lilting and evocative.

artworks-000108764171-mqbzba-t500x500‘Diamond Mountain’, it must be said, feels as though it runs the risk at times of being too schmaltzy for it’s own good. In some ways Diamond’s sheer earnestness threatens to be his own worst enemy, but it’s impossible to fault his energy and authenticity. The song itself is filled with powerful musicality – the pianos swell and soar, the backing vocals tug at the heartstrings, the acoustic guitar is so warm you can almost feel it, and the long notes from the cello have the power to melt the heart of the coldest of cynics.

‘Holly Holy’ serves as a complete contrast, with bluesy guitars that have significantly more teeth and grit. The track escalates into a gospel tinged festival of fun, with its call to the choir to ‘Sing!’, as the rhythm soars onwards and upwards. Diamond’s voice is consistent and strong, with a showtune quality vibrato. It has to be said that the chorus, with its classic swirling organ and backing choir, is a true moment of glory. No matter how you feel about music in this genre, it’s a song that has the potential to put a smile of the faces of a great number of people.

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