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Doc Jazz feat. Toy Matthews – It Takes Love

With his own particular brand of smooth R&B with a splash of soul, Doc Jazz teams up with Toy Matthews to bring us ‘It Takes Love’. Laid back with an effortless cool, it’s a track that welcomes you into its warm embrace and offers the opportunity to stop for a while and be gently serenaded. Just like that feeling you get when you get home to a place of warmth after a long day out in the cold, Doc Jazz keeps it as chilled out as possible. It’s not a song that is in a hurry, but one that takes its time and allows for the chance to pause for a moment and consider all that has gone on in the day, and then to appreciate the finer things in life that we don’t always notice in the midst of the mad rush of the day to day. Add to it all some real classic throwback tones that will bring up all kinds of musical memories, and you’ll find that what you’ve been given is a kind of comfort blanket made for music. Sometimes we don’t need music to break new ground or force us to be challenged – sometimes we just need a song to be sung to us that leaves us with the sense that maybe everything is all going to be alright.

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