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Don Puglisi – Bubbles of Light

Don Puglisi’s style is a unique blend of indie, country, and a somewhat undefinable uniqueness that seems to come from his own take on song construction.

Don Pugsili - Bubbles of light‘Ricochet Girl’ has a confident grubbiness to it, with flickers of brightness that shine though. The guitars glimmer and glisten, creating a broad landscape of sound that helps the listener to be drawn into the story. There’s a brooding darkness to be found lodged in the guts of the EP too, particularly on title track ‘Bubbles of Light’, with its moody drum shuffle and low end bass rumble. Here in particular, you could easily envisage the track being used on a car commercial as the vehicle twists and winds around the rain soaked roads. That’s not to say that there aren’t moments of peace to be found as well – ‘Summer Ends’ features a warm acoustic guitar that would fit on a Pixies track just as easily as something by Fleetwood Mac. Don Puglisi’s vocals are on point and direct, hitting the notes hard and conveying a sense of emotion on every syllable, and the guitars are consistently engaging, ringing with harmonics and broad overdriven chugs. ‘Goodbye New York’ balances fragility with a strong central structure that the track follows closely as it builds. It’s a slow burn and as such benefits greatly from taking its time, finally bringing together the vocal, guitars, and strings that help the track to truly soar.

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