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Doug Cash – The Acoustic Rock Onslaught

With a healthy dose of classic rock and plenty of tongue in cheek naughtiness, Doug Cash offers his own brand of bluesy rock on his album The Acoustic Rock Onslaught.

dougcash122‘Midnight Baby’ opens the album, and serves as an ideal introduction to Doug Cash’s sound, with vintage tones that make the track feel like a love letter to times gone past, while ‘Love Thicka Than Blood’ features some explosive guitars that screech and spark. ‘Beyond’ has a modern, fun feel to it that blends together hip hop with trip hop, swaying back and forth with a nice wonkiness to the track that makes it quite endearing. ‘High Low’ takes a more lo li acoustic approach, while ‘Tips’ and ‘Tame My Thoughts’ tighten up the sound a little more, with some snappy guitar tones and vocal harmonies that really ring out and resonate. ‘Serious Breach’ throws in some heavier bass tones into the mix to add some gravity to Doug Cash’s songwriting. ‘Wouldn’t It Be Much Easier’ brings The Acoustic Rock Onslaught to its close, and manages to bring together many of the sounds and styles that have been heard throughout the record, and underpinned with some fun and breezy percussion that creates a warm and summery feel. While it might not entirely be an “onslaught”, Doug Cash certainly drops his own brand of acoustic music firmly in the lap of the listener.

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