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Dream Cloud Machine – Dream Cloud Machine

One of the first things that may strike you on listening to Dream Cloud Machine is that their influences are clear.

0003935153_10To me at least, there are great helpings of Ben Folds Five and Weezer to be found in their sound. The glorious harmonies on ‘Witching Hour’, partnered with the way the bass and guitar follow each other along so tightly are perfomed with such expertise that it’s hard to decide if it is heart warming or heart melting. ‘Close Me Down’ opens with a riff that seems to have a distant call back to Queen, while the vocals at times lean towards classic power poppers Jellyfish.

sunny, with moments of real grit and seriousness

The Ben Folds similarities are probably the strongest you’re going to find, so if you’re a fan then you’re likely to be very happy with what Dream Cloud Machine has to offer. There’s some moodiness and darkness to be found in the midst of all the power pop sunshine, too. ‘The Vestal Ones’ lumbers and looms along like a beast in a forest, creating a fantastic atmosphere and adding something really different into the what the album offers, and ‘Doomed Out’ even heads into close to metal territory, all the while holding on to the band’s overall aesthetic and style. It’s sunny, with moments of real grit and seriousness – Dream Cloud Machine just might be the slice of indie power pop you’re looking for.

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