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Dropkick – Trapdoor


“Trapdoor” is a eclectic mix of styles worthy of any party mix: Synth lead? Check. World music percussion? Check. Brass section? Check. Funk bass? Check.

Add to the mix duelling male/female vocals and we’re facing something in the arena of the B-52s and Dee-lite.

Vocally there’s plenty to keep the attention, with real variety in the melody and production.

The mystery of the song is the entire use of the ‘trapdoor’ conceit, wavering between a creepy addition to a dancefloor.

It’s on inspecting the additional mixes on the EP that the elements of the track begin to become more noticeable. The ‘Sleepy Mix’ opens with a more distant warbling synth lead and eventually explodes into some epic reverb, which then dissolves away again.

The ‘Dancing Mamie Mix’ introduces a more prominent house organ and a fatter sound overall with a pumping bass lead and celestial sparkles all over the track.

The ‘E39 Disco 3000 Mix’ has a real 80s vibe and a slight nod to the original Doctor Who theme, with a more live sounding drum fill which sounds really lovely against all the electronica.

The longer mixes are a nice touch as they give the track a little more time to breathe, considering the original comes in at three and a half minutes.

If you’re looking for a fun party track to add to your compilation, make sure you include Trapdoor by Dropkick, and throw in a couple of the remixes for good measure too.

Grab the Dropkick – Trapdoor EP at Bandcamp and check out the Facebook page too.

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