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Dwen – Caesar’s Rome…Automatic


Laden with electronic beats, Dwen is as new-school as it gets.

A slow-tape effect lurches in as the track gets started and Dwen gets on with the serious business of laying down his rhymes. He works well to match his vocal with the music he selects, generally operating at a low tone level, with some characteristic tweaks in his style.

‘Caesar’s Rome…Automatic’ is upbeat, excitable, and down-to-earth. As a hip-hop track, it’s derogatory in they ways you would expect, playing the gangsta role we have all come to know.

Musically, there are some key elements that glue the track together; the 3-note synth part that rolls along throughout, the steady bass line that doesn’t try to do anything clever but sits confidently to create a bedrock for the snare to lock into.

If you’re looking for some modern new school hip hop, check out what Dwen has to offer.

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