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Dynasty Clique – Party People EP


Dynasty Clique have a darkness of tone that fascinates the ears.

The snares and chimes on ‘Nose To Nose’ are at times chilling, while the warmth of the vocals bring a good sense of balance to the track. ‘Can You Feel It’ opens with glitchy synths leading up to a scratchy snare and serves as a strong backbone to the track. The old-school synth sounds also appear on ‘Beat 2 Heavy’, which are reminiscent of old 8-bit video games to create a fun sound.

Dynasty Clique have a strong variety of vocal talent which helps keep their sound fresh throughout.

Title track ‘Party People’ carries some bold claims, “We’re the future…” with its four-to-the-floor bass beat, it’s hard to argue or resist. The production is varied and remains interesting throughout. This is a pumping, energetic dance tune.

‘Problems Dissipate’ feels as though it has a lot in common with the Beastie Boys – white, nasal, and quirky. The organ that chugs along in the background sounds great, and adds a lot to the tone of the track.

‘Unceasing Resolve’ has a style not unlike Eminem, including a harpsichord and straight-up staccato raps. Add to that some interesting production quirks with the EQ dropping out at points, bringing the vocal to centre stage, only to suddenly kick back in with a rambling piano section.

Dynasty Clique make some competent and interesting hip-hop that’s worth checking out if you’re looking to expand your library in the genre. Check it.

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