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Eddy Mann – The Consequence

Sometimes a song comes along that is pure and unadulterated, free from pretence. Sometimes when such a song happens, it can be hampered by a certain amount of overbearing earnestness. Often it’s a result of very real passion and integrity, but sadly as so much art often goes, it can end up being received with a degree of cynicism. Thankfully, ‘The Consequence’ by Eddy Mann has come up trumps, managing to balance a purity in its message and tone without toppling over under the weight of its own passion.

tcq_coverAt its core, what we’re being given here is a simple, back to basics acoustic track with a heart of gold. The chord progressions feel familiar, while the whole time as though they are being presented with a twist – the guitar performance is warm and nuanced, with some touching moments that really help to underpin the song’s melody. Eddy Mann’s voice, too, has a warmth to it – none of that cliched grit so often found in country and southern rock. Instead, we’re given a vocal that is more airy and thoughtful, which helps to lift the track and leave the listener with the feeling that they have just been quietly serenaded for a few minutes.

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