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Elmont – Home

Elmont - HomeNorth Dallas four-piece outfit Elmont have just dropped their self-produced single “Home”, with their own distinctive sound immediately making its mark on the alternative scene. Its arrangement offers a special blend of space and finely honed moments for the track to shine and sparkle, with the strings stretching their long notes out while the drums add a kind of punctuation, clearly delineating the key moments along the way. Dig deeper, and there are touches of old school emo going on here, like those moments when Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional pulled things back for a moment to break out the acoustic tones. What makes ‘Home’ all the more refreshing is that it never falls for the temptation to go back to that folky sound that Mumford And Sons made so popular some years back. Instead, Elmont have carved out their own tone, which honours its influences rather than directly emulating them.

If this is what is to be expected from these guys, then be wise and watch this space for more, as the potential here is big. Work has begun on their debut EP, so we’re looking forward to getting our ears around that to see what else Elmont have got on offer.

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