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Australian band EMPRA are here with their EMPRA EP and by all accounts they are here to take over the world.

EMPRA - EMPRA EPKicking off with ‘Doesn’t Make Much Sense’, EMPRA’s deep seated emo DNA stands out strong, with edgy palm muted electric guitar string notes. From the opening bars, we’re thrown immediately into Yellowcard / Taking Back Sunday territory, with Sanny Veloo’s emotional vocals that hold out on those notes that keep the listener hanging on for more the whole time. ‘Strange Condition’ takes a softer approach, building over time with a grumbling fuzz bass that holds the track together with its deep foundation, while the harmonised vocals add a sweetness to the sound. ‘Only Love’ is something of a surprise, channeling an Americana sound that nods towards Green Day and even Nickelback. As the chorus lurches into place, those sounds melt away in the fire and heat of the emo vibes that radiate through the band’s performance. There are even some slightly psychedelic moments to be found – ‘I Won’t Give Up’ features some swirly guitar work that sparkles and glimmers throughout the track, while ‘Sabrina’ winds down the EP on a more downtempo sound that features keys by Gotye, which is a treat worth holding on to the end for.

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