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Endsightt – Ghost Of John

Endsight - Ghost Of JohnSometimes a track will come along and genuinely take you by surprise, much like how those times when someone wants you to meet one of their friends because they think “You’ll really get on.” (Am I the only one who always feels deeply sceptical at that moment?) But, surprise surprise, it turns out that they’re actually kind of cool and you really do hit it off. In my experience that doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it’s a real treat. In some ways, “Ghost Of John” works very much like those kind of situations – at first you might feel a sense of trepidation when being presented with yet another hip-hop track, but just give it a moment. In fact, you don’t even have to give it a moment, because from the opening bars it is clear that Endsightt has put together something special. You’re not going to find any fake dark brooding tones here. On the contrary, there’s a bright and upbeat guitar that snaps along through the track while the vocal has a strength in its flow that means you can’t help but get carried along for the fun ride. As a result, the track works as a kind of hybrid, offering an alternative approach to a well established genre, making it all the more approachable for a wider range of listeners.

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