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Eric and Aaron – To Keep From Losing Our Minds

New York based Eric and Aaron’s To Keep From Losing Our Minds is a fresh delivery of indie pop rock.

0005258507_10Opening with ‘On The Road’ the sound is bright and uplifting with wide, ringing guitars that build and build, and a chorus that reaches high up to the skies. This is music to make the heart beat a little faster. ‘Woods’ takes a simple piano riff and unloads a whole heap of guitars over it, while the vocals deliver their harmonies with joy. There is a real sense of drama and performance that runs through the album, not least on the moments when we are treated to the huge harmonic vocal swells. ‘Apples’ opens with a more delicate feel, soft guitar picking and a gentle vocal that ever so slightly brushes past Simon and Garfunkel. It’s easily the kind of track that could turn up on a commercial, the kind of tune that grabs attention by appealing to the emotions. ‘Long Time’ sits in the middle of the EP, a mid tempo track that doesn’t quite stand up to the rest of the content available here, while ‘Edge’ strips things back somewhat to create a sound that feels refreshing to the ears. The closing ‘Lola’ delivers exactly the kind of hearty bombast that the EP opened with. The guitars and strong, the vocals tight and on point, with a melody that worms its way into the mind with ease. Eric and Aaron have got something special – that goodness they are willing to share it with the rest of the world.

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