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Filmstrip – Moments Of Matter

Flimstrip’s Moments Of Matter is glorious blend of country, indie, americana, and classic slacker college rock.

Filmstrip - Moments Of MatterOpening with ‘Don’t You Know’, Moments Of Matter starts out strong, with an engaging riff that pulls the track along with real momentum. On first listen, it’s easy to detect hints of influences from more old school slacker college rock bands like Grandaddy, Pavement, Broken Social Scene, and Wilco. The Ohio based band certainly have a well defined sound, and one that is brimming with confidence in their craft. The slacker rock vibe gets right under the skin of this record, with tracks like ‘Waiting On A Train’ ambling along with a shuffling feel, and yet never once feels without direction or definition. ‘Stuck On Explode’ starts off with a guitar line that is so reminiscent of Scottish indie rockers Idlewild’s gorgeous track ‘The Quiet Crown’, rich, warm, and full of attention to detail, with a refrain that will defy you not to sing along at some point. ‘Partners In Crime’ heads in a more upbeat direction, with some well placed cheeky seventh chords, while ‘Opportunism’ turns up the hipster dial with some Death Cab For Cutie style guitars, while ‘POC’ pulls things back yet again with a delicate track that bears all the hallmarks of a campfire song. ‘MMS 1970’s sees the vocals lean towards are work of early Kings Of Leon, all smoky and carefree, with a squealing guitar solo that has been compressed to within an inch of its life, while ‘Two Bullets’ packs everything in except the kitchen sink, with its rich strings creating a huge, epic Western vibe. It’s all delivered with an incredibly relaxed attitude, and in the end that’s what makes Moments Of Matter such an enjoyable listen throughout – theres a confidence in the way the band plays together, the way they lock into the groove, the way they find the freedom within it all to be expressive and let a little emotion show itself. ‘Wild Abandon’ manages to create a glorious sense of tension by offering what is essentially quite a sweet and delicate ballad, and peppers it – no, scratch that, riddles it with bullet holes – with a generous lashing of guitar distortion as the track reaches its denouement, a passionate display indeed. It’s a natural shift from there into the next track, ‘Up On The Promenade’, with its insistent and raucous guitars, unloading their spiky notes all over the track, while the bass runs up and down, laying a solid foundation for the excitable proceedings. If there was ever an appropriate way to bring Moments Of Matter in to land for its conclusion, ‘Is You Is’, well, is. A perfect blend of country, americana, and indie rock  lays things down and draws the album to a close in a way that eaves you feeling ever so slightly hungry for more. And surely that is the sign of an album, even a band, that has done its job well. There’s plenty to discover on repeat listenings, and Filmstrip’s sound is the perfect mix of the sounds of their influences with their own unique style.

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