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Filthy Racket – RAW


Fuzzed out and hectic, Filthy Racket’s Justin Panariello has created 5 tracks filled with dirt and destruction and packaged them up as his new RAW EP.

At two minutes and thirty seconds, ‘I’m On My Way’ sets the scene, and the scene is distortion! Not just on the guitars, but surprisingly all over the vocals too. It creates a crunchy aesthetic that’s pleasing to listen to, and by keeping the track short it’ll have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘When There’s No One Else Around’ opens with a slightly cleaner tone, instead opting to let the instruments ease in, building up the crust and cruft as the edges of the song begin to unravel during its three minute run.

It’s on ‘Anecdotes’, however, that Panariello’s voice really comes into its own, filled with swagger, bending his held notes confidently. It’s an anthemic track, with a strong chord progression and a compelling drum track.

‘Been Drinking To My Death’ dives head first back into grubby distortion territory, with Stooges-esque basslines and ripped-to-shreds vocals. And speaking of shredding, the guitar solo provided by Ariel Mann is a treat to the ears.

Drawing to a close with ‘Be The One’, RAW’s final track is as sonically filthy as it started, smothered in influences from Pixies, Elastica, and sounding like a respectful homage to Nirvana’s ‘Very Ape’.

Gritty, grubby, and gorgeous, be sure to check out RAW by Filthy Racket.

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