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Fiona Hare – Keep Me Wild


Fiona Hare’s post-folk acoustic tones come with just the right amount of grit to be pleasing to the ear, and suitably toe-tapping, too.

With her new album, Keep Me Wild, Fiona Hare shows off her skills from the start with opening track ‘Desert Rose’. It’s not a far cry from the work of Beth Orton – laid back, distracted, but confident in the delivery.

‘Ambulance or Hearts’ brings more electronics into the mix, and they sound fantastic with Fiona Hare’s soulful voice, while the rhodes patters away through the track. It’s a trip-hop style track with a truly frenetic drum section, close hi-hats sparking off all over the place.

Stylistically, Keep Me Wild does a great job of moving through different approaches while maintaining a clear aesthetic across the whole album – the dark, brooding on ‘Black Dog’ puts acoustic guitars to good use and pits it against spluttering electrics, never once detracting from Hare’s strong vocals that cut through the music like a hot knife through butter.

On tracks like ‘More’, where things are less hectic, the piano and cello stands out at first, creating a deep backdrop for Fiona Hare’s vocal, while the guitar harmonics twang and flutter as the track builds itself into a road movie soundtrack style composition, driving ahead with confidence.

Keep Me Wild‘s closing track, ‘Galilee’ is a haunting one, led with a lone piano leaving Fiona Hare’s voice with nowhere to hide. It’s a beautiful conclusion to an album filled with beautiful moments – this is an album of discovery and surprises.

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