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ForedoomeD – Search For Tomorrow

Dark and brutal, Search For Tomorrow is a relentless barrage of goth metal that will drag you down to its grimy depths.

foredoomed_search_for_tomorrowOpening with ‘Preserve Me’, ForedoomeD’s sound is immediately established as taking cues from classic gothic opera, black metal, and even touches of industrial. The high synth tones create an eerie ambience to the track, while the guitars chug and splutter ferociously. The track itself takes its time to really build itself up before the brutal vocals eventually come into place. When they do, the song really becomes glued together with a scintillating darkness. An interesting touch is the way in which the track gradually fades out to reveal a delicate acoustic guitar that continues to play gently on its own. ‘Shade Of The Darker Sun’ continues with the same brutal elements, this time with some prominent notes on the keys that really stand out. It’s a track on which the guitar shredding really leaps out of the speakers, while the vocals lean more on the melodic metal side of things. The EP’s title track shows no signs that the band ever holds back or slows down, as it forges ahead at a breakneck pace, before leaving the listener entirely out of breath. It must come as no doubt that for fans of dark and gothic metal, this is going to tick all the boxes.

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