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Forgotten By Friday – Whiskey & Song

With some of the tightest and brightest harmonies you’ll hear, Forgotten By Friday’s Whiskey & Song is a bourbon drenches love song to country music.

a0284370859_10Opening with title track ‘Whiskey & Song’, the first thing to notice is that Forgotten By Friday are a band that has vocal harmonies are aren’t afraid to use them. As a result, it’s the kind of song that really makes you stop and pay attention, which means that by the time we’ve been thrust in to ‘Crazy As I Am’, we’re totally primed and ready for the smoky, swooning country vibe that is unpacked. With great male/female call and response vocals that fizzle with chemistry, its enough to turn the head of even the most disliking of country music. ‘Just A Girl’ takes a solid pop rock format and gives it the country treatment, while ‘I’m Home’ is more of your classic balladry, with a fun piano part that tramps along throughout the track. There are more easy going moments as well, with ‘Six More Days’ giving a big, yearning sound, and ‘Every Day’ leaning towards Fleetwood Mac, where Maria Soaft’s vocals nod ever so gently in the direction of Stevie Nicks. It’s country music, but done in a way that gives little moments of surprise along the way, making it an enjoyable and engaging selection of easy listening.

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