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Francesco Amico Quartet – Slow Motion

‘Slow Motion’ is a composition that takes you on a journey of discovery.

IMG_14942Carefully composed and performed, Francesco Amico’s work succeeds in appearing to be considerably more improvised than it really is, with moments that lean towards and reference the work of Fred Frith and Henry Cow. The guitar work is particularly soothing, I found myself drifting off into a reverie while listening, as the melody requires the listener to let go slightly. It’s almost exactly the opposite of pop music – there are no hooks here to lazily allow the music to do all the work for you as a listener. A certain amount of attention and engagement is required to get the most out of this. The ways in which the guitar and saxophone work together add a true sense of magic to Amico’s composition, at first they seem entirely unrelated, nothing to do with each other, and yet on listening further it is possible to find all kinds of beautiful moments of relationship between their separate performances. If you struggle with more free form jazz, then it’s likely that this isn’t quite going to be the kind of music for you, but if you’re keen to stretch your musical tastes, or you’re comfortable with trying out new things, why not give the rock and pop a miss for a short while and get lost in the melodic joys of ‘Slow Motion’.

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