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Frank Fois – Red House / World Keep On Turning

Frank Fois is here to show you now the new guys intend to educate us all on how to do the blues.

IMG_5343D‘Red House’ is a real love letter to the classic Bluesmen, with spluttering guitar work that honours Hendrix with every other bar. Bending notes with passion, Frank Fois shows through his own proficiency that the blues simply ain’t dead, and they is a whole new breed of young folks ready to continue its legacy. Fois’ voice is as smoky and gravelled as they come, perfectly matching his woozy and characterful playing.

‘World Keep On Turning’ explodes with squealing guitar riffs and a self knowing swagger that looks ahead just as much as it looks back to where it has come from. There’s no mistaking the passion in Fois’ voice, and here we find an ambience that feels as though we are right there with him in a small, intimate bar with a few other like minded blues fans, soaking up every note and every vocal growl.

Fois’ music is on the money, taking many cues from Hendrix and bringing them right up to date for today’s listeners. Turn it on and get your groove on, this is music for getting seriously excited and chilled out in equal measure.


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