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Free From Gravity – The Long Road


There’s always something special about music that has been written about real struggles that tell the story of something that the writer has truly gone through.

‘The Long Road’ by Free From Gravity is one such song, written about the struggle the lead singer’s mother had with cancer. We’re all too aware of that kind of battle and the toll it takes on entire families. Often the way to keep on going through such times is to create art in the face of difficulty, and that’s where this track is to be respected and admired.

Musically, Free From Gravity sound in part like a blend of Simon and Garfunkel, Additional Moog, and Teenage Fanclub, with a britpop, indie feel that is underpinned with a sense of authenticity. By the time the chorus arrives, there’s a hint of the Stone Roses as well, and yet it never quite wanders over into any kind of Oasis pub rock territory, which is a blessing as so many bands with these kinds of influences do that all too easily.

The lyrics stick to telling the tale, and as has been mentioned it’s one of holding on in the midst of pain and difficulty. There’s a sense that perhaps the ‘long road to recovery’ metaphor is a pretty easy one to go to, and the song’s words could have benefitted from being pushed a little harder in terms of its construction, but it’s doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s an earnest song rooted in honesty.

In the end, it’s fair to say that the chorus will embed itself in your head for a good few hours after listening. That might be something to do with the way that it repeats possibly one or two times to many at the track’s concluding section, but it remains to be said that a hook is still a hook, and this one will stay with you.

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