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Free From Gravity – Step Into The Sunlight

Hailing from Portsmouth, Free From Gravity’s album Step Into The Sunlight is a true reflection of the band’s commitment to delivering big songs that are packed with a distinctively British sound.

Free From Gravity - Step Into The SunlightLead single ‘The Long Road’ immediately establishes the band’s sound, drenched with a classic Brit sound that nods towards a mid-Nineties britpop sound. Starting out gently, as the track progresses it unfolds to reveal more and more layers. A swirling organ arrives in the mix, raising the sound upwards with an upbeat, positive feel. There are splashes of the Stone Roses here and there, creating a tone that manages to blend together the joy of nostalgia with the fizz of hearing something fresh and new. ‘Dance With Me’ cranks the dials up a few notches with a blistering guitar intro and thundering drums. The track is bursting at the seams with a classic rock vibe, and yet take the time to look beneath the surface and there are some hints of Fountains Of Wayne and even a Byrdsian jangle-pop feel. Add to the mix some gorgeous vocal harmonies and this stands out as a true feel good track. Ever pushing the envelope, ‘Saints & Sinners’ drives the guitars ever harder, this time shifting into a more bluesy American tone. The trademark vocal harmonies are still present, however, and as a result the band’s signature sound is still very much there. It’s a real rock and roller of a track, the kind of song that you’d want on in the car while you’re hurtling down the motorway, preferably with the wind in your hair and a hunger for some adventure. Just when you think you’ve got the band all figured out, you then come across a song like the album’s title track, ‘Step Into The Sunlight’, which is a laid back ballad with gentle guitar chords leading into an expressive lead guitar solo. As to be expected, all those classic rock elements are present, coming together to create a building epic sound. It’s undemanding on the listener, and yet manages to go beyond simply being easy listening – the fact that Free From Gravity would describe their sound as “soft rock with attitude” pretty much sums it up effectively. This is music that you can put on and let it entertain you without feeling as though you are being forced to grapple with some kind of awkward, mathy prog rock. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to put something on that’s going to deliver some good vibes, and that’s exactly what is on offer here. Add to that the fact that it is being created by people who clearly have a deep passion and energy to create the music they love, and enjoy sharing it with the world. They say music is one of the things that can truly bring people together, and Free From Gravity have worked hard to stick to that idea. Their current fanbase will undoubtedly be overjoyed with this collection of songs, and it also serves as an ideal entry point into their music.

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