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fREEX – Birds

Opening with shades of the vocal harmonisations of Queen’s classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Birds’ by fREEX quickly evolves into its own track that leans more towards the tongue in cheek sounds of Primus.

1301609604_IMG_4689It’s the kind of track that blends together a variety of vocal styles – variety being the operative word here. We move through harmonies, rough rock, even a grog swilling sea shanty style that gives a real sense of humour to the music. Instrumentally, there is a lot of creativity and fun to be found on ‘Birds’ particularly once the guitar solo lets rip on the whammy to send the notes spiralling up and down in an almost schizophrenic lunacy. As a first single from fREEX’s album Love Revolution, ‘Birds’ serves as an excellent introduction to the band and a good indication of what to expect should you decide to look further into what the band has on offer. To be sure, this is music that does its best to enjoy itself just as much as it aims to entertain, and if psychedelica infused rock in the vein of the Chili Peppers and Les Claypool is your bag, then you’re unlikely to be disappointed here.

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