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Fresh Rio – Bang Bang

Fresh Rio drops some tight rhymes on latest track, ‘Bang Bang’.

Something of a slow burner, the song opens with a distant, washed out tone that leads into a laid back vocal which plugs in to the stark and enigmatic snare. Fresh Rio’s vocal is at first somewhat held back and restrained – soulful and lingering in a dreamlike way – until we are taken without warning into a strong rap that shows no fear, coming at you from the left and from the right with no possible means of escape. Fresh Rio has the mindset and the determination to be sure you are going to hear every word he has to say.

This isn’t to say that any boundaries are being broken, particularly. While ‘Bang Bang’ certainly has the credentials to entertain, it’s unlikely to set the hip hop world on fire. But surely that’s fine. Just as pop music will continue to provide us, like it or not, with generic songs that more or less go over the same old ground, this kind of straight up urban tune is exactly the kind of thing that you would expect to hear pumping out of a teenager’s phone on a bus. Not exactly challenging, but who wants to be constantly challenged by their music. This is one for the good times hip hop playlist.

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