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Funk-G Productionz


‘Quik Enough 4 U’ offers a laid back funk guitar, with a warbling arpeggio that wanders up and down over the backing beats. It’s so laid back, it’s almost horizontal, with its blue notes thrown in here and there to add an extra dimension of the unexpected.

‘Stress’ is packed full of R&B, with its squelchy bassline and funky wah-wah guitar that is full of bite. It’s a track that has a huge amount of potential for any hip-hop artist looking for something to sample for their work, with lots of room for rappers with a wide range in their flow.

Keeping in the same style, ‘G’d Up’ keeps it funky, with tremolo filled rhodes and extra trebly notes providing the melodic element. Again, it’s a highly useable track for anyone looking for something to lay down their rhymes.

‘Pain’ is a blissed out track, all hazy with its stretched out, bowed notes. The snare cuts through, and the bassline is consistent.

Fun-G Productionz has created some great tracks for the discerning hip-hop lover to get hold of and get some rhymes put down.

With his aim in getting back to ‘real’ hip-hop, and keeping an eye firmly on the classic sounds of the 90s, these are some strong productions that will get a lot of people excited about staying true to the genre.

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