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Gas Station Disco – Port and Starboard

portandstarboardalbum“As if Vertical Horizon, Nickelback, and Audioslave had a karaoke duel over a giant bowl of buffalo wings before kicking back for a road movie marathon.”

Gas Station Disco’s sound is tweedy and gruff, heavily tinged with country rock themes and splashes of americana. The vocals, particularly on ‘Broken’, are drawled and affected to create a rich tone before a rapped mid section strong arms itself into the mix to create a modern, rocky sound.

‘All I Am’ leans towards Nickelback and Alter Bridge, especially on the vocal, with a emotive piano lead and yearning, soaring strings. It’s a sensitive track that is underpinned with a strong, driving groove that makes it a stand out moment on Port And Starboard. ‘Window’ and ‘Dancefloor Remix’ sees Gas Station Disco try something different, using electronic synths and drums and an auto tuned vocal, the tracks come across as blending classic sounds with modern production methods.

‘Brittany’s Song’ is more standard ballad fare that is to be expected on an album in this genre, made all the richer with it’s U2 guitars and swirling strings, and when the amps get flipped on there’s a grit to the groove that turns the track into a real lighter-swayer.

The album is littered with nice touches, like the staccato guitars on ‘Fake’ that change the track from what could otherwise be a fairly generic piece of alt. rock into a more interesting and engaging song. Closing with ‘The Right Time’, Port and Starboard reaches its conclusion with a beefy guitar tone that serves as a strong reminder of what Gas Station Disco is really all about – rock!

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