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Giant – Hibernation: The Mixtape


The internet has become a great place for mixtapes to be produced and distributed. Certainly, it was a great way for artists such as Nicki Minaj and the like to gain attention. The issue we now have is being able to wade through the sheer quantity that’s out there, which is no mean feat. Giant has created a slick mixtape with shining production values, in the shape of ‘Hibernation’.

After an atmospheric intro track, ‘Now or Never’ hits hard and fast, calling out to “Put your hands in the air if you’re with me here, it’s now or never”. There’s a sharp edge to the vocal, with a hint of Mike Shinoda in its nod to rock.

‘Do It All Together’ draws on R&B influences, a smooth and slightly sleazy number dripping in auto-tune, with more R&B schmoozing on ‘One Step Closer’, while ‘Person I’ve Become’ pulls in latin tones alongside more Linkin Park style vocals.

‘So Gone’ is a more unassuming piece. Mid-tempo and easy going, the raps are steady and smooth. ‘If Only’ is darker in tone, with rumbling bass and quirky synths running underneath the understated vocals.

Hibernation is a mixtape with a good variety to get stuck into, pulling in a range of styles but maintaining a consistency throughout. The female vocal on ‘Perfect’ is a nice touch, lifting things and offsetting the otherwise testosterone fuelled stylings.

Sinima Beats with Giant et al have produced a mixtape worth investigating. It’s free, so what have you got to lose?

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