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Glen Neff – BAMAKO


With layer upon layer of percussion, timpani, and floating vocals, Glen Neff’s ‘Bamako’ is a slice of world music to chill out to.

In the opening bars there is a reversed guitar that reminds me a lot of the somewhat obscure Forest For The Trees song ‘Infinite Cow’, released in the late nineties.  It’s a pleasing addition to the overall sound of ‘Bamako’.

The track itself shuffles along with its reverse-phased tones, the trip-hop beat serving as the backbone to all the individual parts that make up the whole song. The vocals are relatively varied for this kind of world/chill music, with religious chants and Bollywoodesque singing that covers male and female alike.

On closer inspection, the bass part comes across as confident and strong, almost forceful in parts but never overwhelming. If anything it is a perfect match for the consistent rhythm, plodding along to the beat which if it was lifted out of the track could just as easily be placed into a modern dance number.

Glen Neff’s “World Electronica New Age Chill Soundscape Dance” certainly covers all the genres that are being attempted, and as the single from the main album, ‘Bamako’ is an excellent example of what to expect.

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