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Grieve The Astronaut – Lights

Opening with those timeless, powerful, and evocative words of JFK’s space race speech, ‘Lights’ begins with a sense of depth and expectation that is emphasised all the more by the first piano chords which are dark and resonant. Just like that voyage to the moon, Grieve The Astronaut’s music is progressive and expectant, with all its component parts working together like a well oiled machine to carry its passengers successfully to the destination. Raymond Hayden’s lead vocal carries weight that draws the listener in, while Calissa Knox’s sensitive backing vocals add a lightness to the track and glue together the various sections of the song. A recurring theme of hope runs throughout ‘Lights’, not only in the lyrics but also deeply woven into the song’s tone, creating an uplifting feel that takes the moody piano and reworks it into an opportunity to find new possibilities and opportunities. In a way, the track illustrates the way in which things might seem hard from time to time, but it is through working through those moments that we find ourselves stronger and better equipped to handle the new things that lie ahead for us. Certainly, in those times when we need a flash of inspiration, ‘Lights’ just might be the thing to get you there.

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