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Gunjack – Clona EP

‘Switchback’ opens Gunjack’s Clona EP with an insistent and relentless beat that locks in and pulls the track along, while behind it a distant, evolving drone begins to unfurl.

Gunjack - ClonaIt is mysteriously veiled, and curiously drawn out in a way that creates an eerie ambience. ‘Steal To Eat’ takes a hectic techno beat and pits it against a second rhythm that creates a swirling, throbbing motion that wanders at times into psychedelic territory. In contrast, title track ‘Clona’ offers more in terms of elements to grab hold of, with a bouncy and musical beat and vocal samples thrown in for good measure. It’s  a prominent moment on the EP, with a beat that batters the ears into submission while the scratchy snare wooshes past. On closer inspection, there is even a hint of world music in the way the beats feel, almost African in their tone but well submerged in digital treatment, creating a hypnotic and occasionally transcendent experience. ‘Blackjack Shuffle’ keeps the momentum going for the EP, with a slight nod towards early Prodigy material. There’s plenty to be found on Clona if you’re willing to put in the effort and do a little digging, and hardcore techno fans won’t be disappointed.

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