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Habib Marwane – Ruthless Love

Blending guitar and piano together, Habib Marwane’s “Ruthless Love” is a song that will really tug on the heartstrings.

ruthless-webVocally, there is a lightness, and airiness to the tone that is on offer, which provides the listener with a sense of hope within the pain that is being expressed in the lyrics. As a song about a woman filled with a sense of loss through feeling that she is not enough for her partner, there is the risk that things could be clunky or awkward, but in fact the track is delicately balanced and delivered in a way that feels earnest without being overly saccharine. Running at just under five minutes, it’s timed perfectly, allowing the listener to get lost within the musical motifs while not getting bored at the same time. It creates a kind of sonic blanket, which as it happens works really well as it provides a softening contrast against the potentially uncomfortable situation that the song is describing. Habib Marwane has put together a worthy effort here, and it’s a track that is sure to be enjoyed by many of those who are looking for something that is easy listening but also has substance.

“Ruthless Love” is available as a free download.

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