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Handful of Caleb – By Design

There are times when close friends and family come together to spontaneously create an in joke that turns out to stand the test of time. Handful of Caleb, so they say, was born out of just such an inside joke but there’s certainly no joking around when it comes to the track they spent a week working on together.

handfulofcalebPutting their money where their mouth is and spending a week in a studio, ‘By Design’ has come together as a polished piece of industrial-tinged post grunge. To be sure there are flashes of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ that show through, but more as an influence than an interpolation. The track has the ideal balance of angular construction, bite, and clarity, with the verse-bridge-chorus method suiting the song perfectly. There’s a heaviness to the track that is pleasing to the ears of the indie rock aficionado, although it leans that bit towards a metal tone to the point where it just might be a bit to brutal for some fans. Even so, for a one week project ‘By Design’ is a track that the Handful of Caleb guys should be hugely proud of, and hopefully it will continue to stand as a lasting memorial of a fond joke.

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