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Hemy and Marshall – Rise and Fall


Aussie band Hemy and Marshall play some funky blues.

Their latest offering, the Rise and Fall EP offers some upbeat rhythms, and on lead track ‘Rise And Fall’ there’s an infectiously catchy chorus; “Lord above, I’ve got two left feet / Sell my soul to get outta this place / A one way ticket to nowhere”.

‘World I Live’ is classic road trip soundtrack even before the opening lyrics; “Finally get the weekend off / Drive off to the headland coast”. Keep your ears open for the brass section on the chorus and the honky-tonk piano – fun music to get swept away with.

‘Sanctify’ offers some slightly darker tones, again with a prominent piano part. When the chorus arrives, “Come get sanctified”, there is a strong gospel vibe, with Hemy’s vocals coming off as a kind of deep south preacher man.

If you’re after some straight-up rock and roll, Hemy and Marshall might just be what you are looking for, so why not give them a spin?

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