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Hidden History – Mysterion

Mysterion is a blistering collection of fresh hardcore tunes, ready and waiting to burst your eardrums before kissing them better again.

31ab18a44bb35eb9b03a96ed4b48f784Blending a number of influences that range from Thrice and Underoath, to Biffy Clyro and even offering flickers of the chopped up digital artefacts of early Linkin Park, it’s an album that delivers in spades. Opening track ‘Callous Heart’ sets things off in exactly the right way, with a darkness in its tone, and guitars that teeter on the edge of full metal tones but always stay reined in tightly like the unpredictable velociraptors from Jurassic World. Vocally, the album is rich in its depth, with vocals that move perfectly between sung and screamed, leaning towards Saosin at times, while the guitars splinter and shatter their way through the entire album, at moments touching on the raw aggression of Norma Jean. The sheer dynamic range of the record is to be commended, with ‘Cold of Apathy’ starting off sounding so distant and etherial, before exploding into a punchy sound that borrows from classic rock and roll sounds delivered in Hidden History’s own signature sound. At the mid point of 2015, this is an exciting release in the world of hardcore music.

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