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A Hideous Blue – An Instant Classic

Brace yourself, A Hideous Blue pulls no punches with its own brand of dirty southern rock.

A Hideous BlueDerrick Mills, “A Hideous Blue” lays it on thick with his album, the ambitiously titled An Instant Classic. Opening with title track ‘An Instant Classic’, Mills’ confident southern rock sound bursts forward with its swirling phased guitars that yowl and scream like alley cats on heat. ‘Girl With The Radio Eyes’ keeps going in a similar vein, with a spiky guitar part that rattles along at an aggressive pace and leads the track forward with confidence. The repeated refrain “I didn’t mean to stare” resonates with the stylistic bravado of one who, quite clearly, had fully intended to stare the whole time. Heading close to southern metal with ‘All The Pretty Ones Are Broken’, the vocals veer towards Eddie Vedder at points, with its slightly wonky vibrato that adds an interesting texture and dynamic to the overall tone. ‘Misfortune N Fame’ makes use of a relatively monotonal melody, which isn’t a bad thing as it creates a hypnotic feeling alongside the track’s musical dynamics, while ‘Deep Dark Southern Night’ sounds exactly like the kind of thing you would expect to hear on entering a filthy southern watering hole where the barman glares at you for not being a regular. ‘Brass Tax For A Fancy Hooker’ chugs along with a certain brutalness about it with its humorously demeaning line “You’re quite the looker, like a fancy hooker,” all delivered with an accent that features soft ‘r’s that could easily be influenced by British rock. The guitars on ‘Supercharger’ are so overdriven they feel and sound as though they might be about to disintegrate entirely at any given moment. Again, the phased effects on the guitars are subtle but add an incredible amount of texture and fill out the sound very well. This is all the more impressive given that Derrick Mills has played all the instruments himself, with no additional band members. ‘Love And Rum’ moves in a moodier, smokier direction, with more low end on the guitars and creating a more relaxed vibe, while ‘Sorority Girls And Slasher Films’ pulls out all the stops in a Guns ‘N Roses style. Drawing An Instant Classic to a close, its final track is ‘Sleep Deprivation And Caffiene Pills’. As a concluding track, it stands out in strong contrast against the rest of the album with its gentle acoustic guitar and stripped back style. There’s a touch of Nirvana Unplugged about it, and it serves as the perfect end to a relentlessly hectic record of straight up southern rock and roll. With this final track in place, it provides an opportunity for reflection on what has been previously presented – passionate and confident rock that shows no signs of letting up at any given moment. As a result, this relatively gentle swan song acts as an indicator of what lies beneath all the overdrive and distortion that has otherwise been present, and brings with it the realisation that the previous nine tracks are all well crafted, poetic tracks that have been shot through with the sensibilities of grimy southern rock.
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