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HoneyTrash – Suit & Tie


“HoneyTrash delivers a distinct, genuine sound that reflects the bittersweet qualities of strength, accomplishment, and loss.”

The opening chords of the first track on HoneyTrash’s ‘Suit & Tie’ EP, also titled ‘Suit & Tie’, immediately conjure up memories of mid-nineties era 4AD tunes, with echo resonating out from the electric guitar. It’s a comforting sound, and contrasts surprisingly with Sierra Ramirez’s wandering, dissonant vocals which seem to exist in parallel with the music, rather than meshing. It’s a fascinating sound and frequently disturbing, constantly drawing you in and making you keep listening out of sheer intrigue.

‘Hooray’ bursts in with White Stripes-esque blustering guitars, while Ramirez continues to smoulder moodily over the track. “Hooray, hoorah, hoorayyy” – there’s a sense that the song drips with sarcasm, that the celebration isn’t quite as it might seem. It’s a smoky track with a loungey feel.

‘Wicked Woman’ unloads even more ballsy blues guitars, using a wall-of-sound technique with the riff and vocal following the same melody line. It’s as if as you listen, you are taken further and further into the deep south as the track progresses.

Closing track ‘Hey You’ has traces of early Nirvana, all sludgy guitars and drawling vocals driving the EP to its hectic point of conclusion.

HoneyTrash offer up a valiant attempt at edgy alternative rock. Where they might lack in originality, they more than make up for in terms of sheer guts, mood, and intrigue. Check them out.

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