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Hot Rod Hearse – There By The Road

0007122537_10Music is one of those gifts we have that can suit so many situations depending on our mood. When we need a lift, there are feel good summery pop tunes to get us moving. Sometimes it’s a case of finding some all out angry metal to shake off the bad vibes. Other times, when the melancholia sets in, that’s when we can turn to old faithful – moody, smoky blues.

Hot Rod Hearse’s ‘There By The Road’ very much falls firmly in that category, with their country tinged blues that tugs on the heartstrings while at the same time revealing a subtle sense of humour underneath the surface. This is Irish blues, baby, and it threatens to get under your skin and into your bones.

Sonically speaking, the textures found on the track create a rich tapestry, from the opening guitar with its fluttering tremolo, to the banjo notes that cut through like a hot knife through butter, and all tied up with a bow by “Hotrod Suzi”s smoking harmonies.

Heartwarming, with a homegrown feel, ‘There By The Road’ manages to balance light with dark, with its grubby, swirling organs and shimmering guitars. Particularly recommended for adding some extra spice into your next playlist.

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