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Human After All – Forty Foot Bridge


Human After All draw on the classic emo sounds of those great bands that have gone before; Taking Back Sunday, All American Rejects, Yellowcard. You know the score.

Forty Foot Bridge opens with ‘More Of The Same’, a perhaps unfortunate title for a song that on the face of it comes off as derivative, and yet when the time is taken to listen more closely, it’s a track that has been carefully crafted. The vocals are crisp, breaking up in all the right places, and the guitars are crunchy and aggressive but stay at that sweet spot before they could be tipped over the edge into metal territory. ‘Stagnant’ turns the dials up on the guitars somewhat – kicking off with a thrilling wall of sound that never gets out of control. It’s a pretty straight up pop punk track that nods ever so slightly to early Green Day and Blink, and throws in some deliciously screamo moments on the vocal. Opening with softer tones, ‘No Real Reason’ dives deep into the emo tendency to use melodramatic lyrics that slide into crumbling screams of emotion. Forty Foot Bridge closes with ‘I’ll Never Hear The End Of It’, a hectic, blustering four minutes of relentless guitar chug and melodic vocals that add glue and clarity – it’s an EP which, once you break through the tough exterior, reveals a soft and tender centre.

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