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Hush Company – Fish Fryin’


With lashings of country swagger and cheery, woozy vocals, ‘Fish Fryin’ by Hush Company is upbeat, eclectic, and a whole lot of fun.

Opening with a trebly mandolin and leading into crunchy southern rock guitars, its clear from the start where the track is headed, and once the slurred vocals kick in ‘Fish Fryin’ has established itself firmly as a confident slice of country rock. It paints a picture and tells a story, with the swell and soar of the harmonies on the chorus adding a real flourish. There are unusual stylistic touches along the way too – the second section of the track shifts briefly into a reggae influenced groove, and the balance of the snappy mandolin with the bite and crunch of the guitars creates a complementary tone.

It’s fun, and full o’ fish – get along and check out ‘Fish Fryin’ by Hush Company for some country swagger and southern rock that you can really sink your teeth into.

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